الرئيسية » The Supreme Judicial Council will hold 30 judges accountable, “no one is above the law”!
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The Supreme Judicial Council will hold 30 judges accountable, “no one is above the law”!

Head of the Judicial Inspection Department, Judge Maher Badawi, revealed that about 30 judges have been referred to the Supreme Judicial Council since the beginning of this year, and most of the reports related to them have been decided.
He added, in statements reported by the Baath, that “inspection reports are taken into consideration when the Minister of Justice issues new judicial formations, as a result of which the judge’s duties may be transferred or modified.”
Badawi revealed the activation of the role of inspection missions outside the governorates, so that the inspector is from a governorate other than the one in which the judge is present, in addition to trying to find a central and full-time inspector in each governorate to follow up on periodic inspections and complaints. Today, there are two full-time inspectors only in the governorates of Aleppo and Hasaka, as for the rest of the inspectors, they carry out this task in addition to their work, which constitutes a great burden on them.
Badawi stressed that the task of the judicial inspection is a mandate and not an honor for the judges, as the inspector is also held accountable and may receive complaints from the judges, regarding the committee that was formed at the beginning of the year to inspect the work of the Court of Cassation, the Head of the Judicial Inspection explained that it continues its work, as it follows up on the decisions issued by the Court of Cassation, considering that it is not possible to follow up every decision due to the great pressure. A number of them were referred to the inspection, noting that the committee circulated how to issue decisions and put forward solutions to the problems that were noticed, and it is in the process of studying the results of these steps now.


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