الرئيسية » “Another disappointment” is the outcome of the sixth round of the “constitutional” meetings… and the next round is “without a specific date”

“Another disappointment” is the outcome of the sixth round of the “constitutional” meetings… and the next round is “without a specific date”


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There is nothing new that can be added to the dialogue and discussion sessions gathered in Geneva, and there are no results that can be announced, except for a few brief words by the UN envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen, in which he announced the end of the sixth round of the meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee without reaching any common understandings.
“A great disappointment” are the words with which Pedersen summarized in his press conference yesterday the meetings of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva; “What we hoped to achieve has not been achieved, and I think we lacked a proper understanding of how to move this process forward,” says Pedersen.
Three out of five!
Three of the five days of talks went well, as described by the UN envoy to Syria, but they did not end well, so it is not possible to set when the next round of talks will start again.
Pedersen confirmed that the two co-chairs agreed on the principles of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria.
A member of the mini-committee for discussing the constitution on behalf of the civil society delegation, Mays Kreidi, pointed out in exclusive statements to “Hashtag” that Pedersen, at the end of the constitutional rounds, asked for “patience”, after hoping to hold the new round of talks next month, and the latest expectations indicate that the round “Maybe it will be held at the end of this year, without setting an official date until today.”

Credi indicated that the reason for this is due to a set of logistical factors, and confirms that at the conclusion of the meetings of the fifth and last day of Geneva, a quick rescheduling was supposed to take place without engaging in discussions in order to save time, but what happened is that the “Riyadh Negotiating Committee” tried to present More papers as amendments to eventually turn out to be otherwise.
Kreidi gives an example of this in that the “Riyadh delegation” refused to name the terrorist organizations by their names within the government delegation’s paper. Rather, they tried to reduce the principle in a striking way, and they tried to pass some points as a form of amendment, especially when discussing the issues of the army and security.
Credi adds: “I think that there is a big departure from the agenda, and they tried to expand the principle and put forward a proposal related to the powers of the executive authority.”
Also, most of the formulations that were presented by delegations, except for the government delegation, are dominated by the template of political and journalistic articles, and attempts to circumvent sovereignty to empty the concept of its meaning. However, this “all talk does not affect the situation of the sessions, which is a normal situation for a country that has lived for ten years.” of war and terror.
The member of the mini-committee for discussing the constitution concluded about the civil society delegation: “We are in a realistic crisis by the “Riyadh opposition”, which is not characterized by any realism to keep pace with the changes on the ground, and all they presented is an attempt to undermine sovereignty, and it was noted that there is a process of bullying by external forces, This is clear by relying on the presence of the American and Turkish occupation, and thus far from any national concept.


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