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Members of the Syrian People’s Assembly: The Syrian citizen is not a field of experiments for a current government or a previous government

People’s Assembly
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Today, some members of the Economic Affairs and Energy Committee in the People’s Assembly attacked the way the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection works, in the presence of Minister Amr Salem.
Committee members called on Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Amr Salem to open import licenses for oil and coffee, even for a temporary period not exceeding 3 months, stressing that international prices are on the rise and the market is thirsty for these materials.
One of the committee members explained that there are citizens sleeping at the doors of the ovens in Aleppo or the Sayeda Zainab area, and that we have reached a dangerous stage, especially for the lower classes.
 The members in People’s Assembly confirmed that the halls of the Syrian Trade Corporation came into the hands of merchants who are known by name and have shops in Souq al-Hal, and this issue requires quick action.
A member of the committee said that the budget amount is 13 thousand billion Syrian pounds, including 9 thousand billion pounds for support, and the largest part is supervised by the Ministry of Internal Trade.
Support is one of the pillars of state policy, and it is assumed that there is agreement between the executive and legislative authorities on clear plans for support.
The citizen wants a logical solution and would like the legislative authority to have a key role in the subsidy plans and rationalize it. We are not surprised every time with a plan and we are the last to know. The government, the Economic Committee and the competent ministers will bear the responsibility.
A question was asked: Can the minister cancel the issue of the corrupt supervisors in the reserve bakeries, and can he cancel the contracts concluded with the private sector in the “Syrian Trade”, adding that these institutions rob the citizen.
They suggested that the gas distributor should have a scale to weigh the cylinder so that it would not be sold in an incomplete quantity. They also suggested mixing salt with flour before distributing it so that it would not be stolen and sold to private bakeries.
For his part, one of the members revealed that he bought a gas cylinder from Al-Baramkeh branch at a price of 30,000 pounds, and installed it in the evening, only to find it empty of gas in the morning.
In turn, Minister Salem answered the committee’s questions inside People’s Assembly, saying: All the points are correct and right, but it must be clarified regarding the weight loss in some of the cylinders. A violation was issued in the Adra laboratory and we referred them to the judiciary.
He added that the way in which prices are calculated for the private bakery, if it is honest, then the bakeries lose, and we reached a fair calculation method, which is calculating the ration deficit.
Regarding the reserve bakeries, Salem said: There was an old decision that the places affiliated with us are not regulated except with the approval of the minister, but now the supply patrols violate all Syrian bakeries and halls and are referred to the judiciary without referring to anyone, like the private sector.
Salem revealed that he will try to provide bread in all Syrian trade halls soon, and increase the bread quotas in the smart card.

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