الرئيسية » The mystery of the disappearance of Syrian sailors at sea continues… The loss of a new sailor on a Lebanese ship

The mystery of the disappearance of Syrian sailors at sea continues… The loss of a new sailor on a Lebanese ship

A few days ago, the young sailor Ahmed Al-Faraj (23 years) joins 3 Syrian sailors who have been missing from their ships during the past four years, and their fate is not yet known. He disappeared from the “prince salem” commercial ship owned by a Lebanese person, on which he was working, when it was heading from Lebanon to Libya.

The strange thing in the story is that the captain of the ship contented himself with conveying the news of the loss of Al-Faraj to the uncle of the young man, with whom he had a friendly relationship, after he left his room in the evening to smoke a cigarette, only to then disappear without anyone seeing him. The sailor (Al-Faraj), who is the fourth among his fellow Syrian sailors who disappeared without a trace at sea within 4 years, is a student at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport – Latakia Branch, in the second year. He suspended his registration to test the field of maritime work before graduating from the university, especially since within the academy’s curriculum there is an article on maritime training.

Al-Faraj spent five months working on the merchant ship “Prince Salem”, in the field of machinery that falls within the specialization of his studies.

Sailors disappearance shrouded in mystery

The mysterious story of Al-Faraj, from which details are absent, told by his brother Muhammad Al-Faraj (25 years), in an interview with “Sputnik” agency: I was in daily contact with my brother Ahmed, who was working on the “Prince Salem” ship, and on last October 7, the last contact I had with him was, then he told me that, on the same day, he would travel on the ship to Libya to transport an iron shipment.

A painful silence broken by scattered words and letters heavy with the edges of tears, to add Faraj: A week has passed without Ahmed speaking to me… It is true that I know when he is at sea he cannot speak and he does not have “internet”, but I am worried, so it is unreasonable that They would not have approached the shores of any country!?

Al-Faraj continued: I tried to contact him repeatedly, but to no avail. I also tried to contact his comrades whose numbers I know, and when my attempts were unsuccessful, I speculated that they were at sea and did not have a network.

The days passed long and heavy, and I was waiting for a call from my brother to reassure my heart and the heart of my parents, who were constantly asking about him. Faraj added: Until the ship’s captain called my uncle, who are in a friendly relationship, on November 1, informing him that my brother Ahmed was lost at sea on October 13 during his journey to Libya.

The captain gives short answers

Asking for more details about how, why, when and where the story of Ahmed Al-Faraj took place as the last of the disappeared sailors, the captain’s answer was brief that Ahmed told his companions on the evening of October 13 that he was going out of the room to smoke a cigarette, and after about a quarter of an hour, he did not return to his room, which raised eyebrows His companions who went out to search for him, but they did not find him.

With the scarce information that was available to him from his brother’s friends who were working with him on the ship, Al-Faraj says that he contacted one of the workers on the ship, and told him that on October 13, while Ahmed Al-Faraj was with us, we asked permission to go out and smoke a cigarette, and after a quarter of An hour he did not return, we boarded the ship to search for him, but we did not find him, nor did we find a trace of him.

The worker adds: Immediately we informed the captain and the ship’s security officer, who is an Indian, who sounded the warning sirens and returned to the place where the relief was supposed to have fallen on board the ship, but he was not found.

According to Al-Faraj, he communicated via messenger with the ship’s security officer, who told him that his brother was sick and was vomiting, and when he learned of his loss, he sounded the warning sirens, and a rescue helicopter searched for Ahmed, but he was not found, stressing that the accident occurred at sea. .

With great astonishment haunted by thousands of exclamation points and speculation of a mysterious incident, Al-Faraj taunts about the ship’s crew’s silence about his brother’s disappearance for 18 days without informing his relatives, demanding that his brother’s fate be revealed and what happened with him that night.

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