الرئيسية » In countries of extreme poverty… “Bloggers” announce “luxury” products for the upper class: Is there no shame?!

In countries of extreme poverty… “Bloggers” announce “luxury” products for the upper class: Is there no shame?!

Recently, a phenomenon that is considered dangerous according to international academic studies has spread on social media, which is “bloggers” or “advertisers.” It is a phenomenon that exists in all countries of the world, as girls and young men talk about products, advertise them in an innovative way, passing advertisements for these products from During their diaries, for example, while the “blogger” eats his food, he talks about one of the meals on the table, shares it with others and elaborates on its source, features, cost and method of obtaining it.
Studies conducted in Western research centers show the danger of social media on the young group, especially girls, as a result of the desire of young people, particularly adolescents, to imitate those “bloggers”. For example, teenage girls want these or those eyelashes.
This phenomenon also spreads in Syria, as one browses “Instagram” and one of the advertisers appears with a sumptuous breakfast, through which he talks about how to order these meals from a specific restaurant and through a specific electronic application, so the cost of breakfast in total is about fifty thousand Syrian pounds, i.e. At least half of the employee’s salary. Or in another example, another advertiser appears with makeup, puffed lips and implanted eyebrows to talk about the importance of the “collagen” cream, whose price does not exceed sixty thousand pounds after the discount, while another appears cleaning her skin at a cost not exceeding one hundred thousand (as she put it), and many examples It is encountered by everyone who uses social media applications.
It is possible that the spread of this phenomenon globally is somewhat natural, but for this type of advertisers to spread in a country with more than 80 percent of its population below the poverty line, this is really a serious matter, which raises many questions, the first of which is who are able to Catch up with those advertisers and buy the products that are being advertised?
And secondly, if we suppose that there is indeed a group that is able to buy, who is that group, and what is the psychological impact that will be formed for the children of the poor class (assuming that the middle class in Syria has ceased to exist),
For example, when a teenage girl and a high school student sees an advertiser talking about a cream to reduce the pores of the face at a certain value, at a time when she is unable to buy a winter coat to protect her from the cold of winter, how will she feel, and what is the curse she will bear and bequeath it.
Or, for example, when they depict their daily meals full of various types of food, how will others feel who are unable to secure a minimum livelihood.
But what is most regrettable is: Who is the responsible party? We may not be able to blame the government in this case, especially since government institutions that are not productive and are unable to control their exchange rates will not be able to control some advertising companies, or some advertisers who wear fur, and they drink fresh juice rich in vitamin C with avocado (because it is very useful in salad, as someone said).
There is no doubt that a state that is incapable of controlling its economy will not be able to think about the social effects resulting from this collapsed economy.
Of course, these people cannot be blamed because it was their work in one way or another, regardless of the mechanism of this action. Therefore, the absence of a party bearing the responsibility is the most despairing of this situation, because in this case, we have entered a vicious circle in which all the negative effects resulting from war, conspiracy, corruption and all the negative terms in this world, which were produced by the past ten years, revolve.
As for the laughable one, it is that a group of these “bloggers” advertisers were invited to a dialogue seminar held in cooperation between the Syrian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, talking about the importance of raising awareness of the need to receive the Corona vaccine.
But this time, it is not, as it is always said, the bankruptcy of the enemy that has been waging its conspiracies for centuries, but rather the bankruptcy of those who live the repercussions of this conspiracy, and are facing death by a group of social media advertisers, “bloggers”.
Hashtag – Loujain Suleiman

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