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Valentine’s Day rose from 10 to 50 thousand pounds

In a “hashtag” tour of some of the capital’s markets on Valentine’s Day, it was clear that the red color of “teddy bears and their accessories” had declined in stores, and the lack of red roses in flower shops, and the reason for this was due to their high prices, and the difficulty of risking their purchase by most sellers for fear of stagnation due to low demand for it.
The price of a natural red rose starts from 10 thousand pounds, and it can reach 50 thousand, depending on the decoration and the place of sale, while the prices of the “red bear” start from 25 thousand to one million, depending on its size and the quality of its manufacture.
While it was noticeable that the “Handmade” market spread from simple, small-sized and low-priced accessories.
In the midst of all this, there was a great demand for the purchase of sweets colored in the colors of Valentine’s Day.
Who celebrates Valentine’s Day?!
The types of Valentine’s Day gifts vary according to who buys them; One of the sellers says to “Hashtag” that the status of suitors, newlyweds, or even lovers is different from those who have been in a relationship for several years.
The “new lovers” are keen on exchanging traditional gifts, and the red rose is a necessary condition within the “gift box” in addition to the red “teddy bear”.
On the other hand, “oldest loved ones” seek to take advantage of this holiday as an opportunity to gift the necessary supplies, especially clothes, in conjunction with the sales season in the markets.

Money that controls not crises!
The situation of the current year is different from the rest of the previous years, according to one of the sellers; As the years of the Syrian war did not affect the movement of buying and selling, the deteriorating economic situation this year.
Because of the high prices for everything, the bad economic situation had an impact on the celebration of Valentine’s Day, according to him, and the Syrians became interested in securing a “living” instead of celebrating love, meaning that “money rules love more than wars.”

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