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The Russian-Ukrainian war through the eyes of the Syrians: Supporting the “ally” is accompanied by “renouncing the war and its horrors”

The Russian-Ukrainian war and its developments occupy the attention of a large proportion of the Syrian people, of all sects and components, including those who support the Russian military operation in Ukraine, and among them are those who oppose the war in all its forms, and some of them are not interested in the events and their course, but rather their repercussions on their living situation.
‘necessary’ war
From the point of view of journalist Firas Al-Qadi, there is no clean war. “All wars have a catastrophic result, there is blood, destruction, and negative repercussions on all areas of life, but, in my personal opinion, there are wars that are imposed on one side, so not fighting this war becomes more costly than not fighting it.” This is what happened in the Russian-Ukrainian war.
Al-Qadi added that since the current authority took power in Ukraine, Russia has been warning against the Ukrainian side’s involvement in NATO, and the Ukrainian ruling class did not care. Which Russia calls “neo-Nazi”, to the Russian warnings, and was determined to provoke it.
Al-Qadi notes that some say that Ukraine did not deploy weapons and did not join NATO, but insisted on joining NATO, and did not accept guarantees to the Russian side, “Therefore, I believe that the war was imposed on Russia to preserve its national security, and this is a legitimate right of any country You feel in danger.”
Al-Qadi concludes his speech to the “hashtag” by saying: “I cannot say that I am with the war, whatever it is, but I understand that when it comes to protecting the national security of a country.
world “crazy”
For his part, Raed Haider, (Cargo Manager at Kuwait Airways – Damascus Station) says that the only war I can cheer for is the war on the greatest demon on this planet, “the United States,” or on its nefarious arm planted on our borders, “Israel.” The United States in which all its wars were outside its land, in which it did not sound a single warning siren for decades, at a time when it was destroying entire countries, except for the farce of the events of September 2001, which provided it with the necessary cover to invade the whole world, and impose its opinion and decision in everything.
For these reasons.. the Syrians are with Russia
Political researcher Sarkis Kassarjian believes that the majority of the Syrians sees Russia as an ally, and frames the issue in a way that goes beyond the Ukrainian war; To the extent that some people see in this war, a Syrian war, because what happened between the Russians and the Ukrainians; And pushing Russia to fight this war, something similar happened to it in Syria, in terms of mobilizing, and opening the doors for foreign fighters to fight on a land that is not theirs.
He adds that there is a category of the Syrian street that considers Syria indebted to Russia, because it entered the war on the side of the Syrian army and protected Syria from the expansion of radical and jihadist influence.
Kassarjian continues, that there is a category of Syrians, “and as I noticed on social media, they are very few, and these are divided into two parts; The Ukrainian side, either students studying in Ukraine, or people married to Ukrainian women, and therefore emotionally and humanely reject the war.”
Kassarjian refers to a group that rejects war, whatever it is; Which shares with the previous group the renunciation of war, and this category stems from what the people lived through in the Syrian war of the horrors of death and bloodshed and the catastrophic results that were reflected on the infrastructure and the living reality of the citizen, from which he still suffers to this day.

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